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HOP-FAN mission is a Christian Ministry that work on field works, it’s a non-profitable , non political, non discrimination and denomination ministry that bringing –up missionary from different domination of Christian churches/belief and it has a heart of sending missionaries/believers that have heart for mission on evangelism to the un reach part of the community.


HOP-FAN mission is also having the heart of serving the community/society which is not been reach with services, and the Ministry is willing to offer the below services to any community with those services which are educational program and health services to the society/community.


Therefore the meaning of the Ministry logo is described as follows:-

Mean: Reaching, protecting and serving the people for the better life in the world.



To reach to un reach community with the words of God, and to offer services which is not been offer to them.




To bring out the loss soul from the world of darkness.



“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, and serve them”. Matt 28:19-20.




To reach un reach community

To serve the un reach community with the words of God, Educational programs and Health services surrounding the nation.

To teach the community words of God

To rise up leaders that has heart of serving people.

To offer services to the community.

To build up the capacity of the community in developmental term



To stop the spread of diseases fro and to that community/society.

To prevent the community from the transmitting diseases.

To promote health facilities to avoid the transmitting of diseases like HIV/AID and etc.


To educate the community or change they mental.

To make the community understand things better for their betterment

To civilize the community

To support and encourage the communities in agriculture sector




Under evangelism:


  1. Evangelism mission/outreach mission.
  2. Teaching people the word of God
  3. Training people how to read the bible, understanding it, how to pray and then to minister the word of God.
  4. Training leaders for the churches
  5. Planting and constructing churches in outreach areas/community.



Under Health Programs


  1. To provide health facilities center to un reach community
  2. To provide the health center with the drugs and any other needs
  3. To promote sanitation and environmental protection
  4. Sending medical personal to un reach community.



Under Educational and Agricultural programs:

  1. Encouraging the community for educational programs
  2. Assisting/supporting the communities in building and construction of schools
  3. Providing access for educational programs
  4. Sponsoring the students who don't have support from their parents/guardians
  5. Providing agricultural facilities such as: Seeds, tools and tractors.




  1. Outreach mission for three month in one of the community which is not been reach then after that the Ministry will be following up with the community.


  1. Establishing church to that community and bringing up leader from the communities which will continue with the services or ministering to that community.


  1. Making conference once year bases on Christian affairs and social affairs.


  1. Making visitation regularly to the new planted church for the aim of encouraging the church in faith and assisting the community in development of the area particularly in educational program and health program for the seek of better life for the community.